Choose a Path that Includes Math

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Welcome to "Choose a Path that Includes Math," an online tool kit that is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and inspiring source of information for Ontario teens and parents who are exploring choices for high school math courses.

The design of this website allows teens and parents to review the content both together and independently while making these important decisions. Of course, the entire website is a great resource for teachers as well.

Make sure you watch the introductory video and start exploring, so you, too, can see that math is a key that unlocks the door to a wealth of careers.

Solar Power Technican


Mathematic Modelling
Mobile/Cloud Software Developer


Proportional Reasoning
Dental Hygienist


Earning and Purchasing

This resource for Students, their Parents, and Teachers shows us WHY selecting high school math courses is so important, and HOW we can all work together to support 'math success' and bright futures for our youth!